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Cruachan Home Improvements


Your roof is the one of the most important parts of your house and it is essential that everything about it is in tip top condition to keep out the Scottish weather. If your eaves are in poor condition they may be letting in water causing unseen damage until it is too late and a major roof repair is needed. Unsightly eaves also detract from the look of your property and reduce its value. It doesn't have to be like this!

At Cruachan we always replace the existing timbers around your roof and never go over the top (capping). This enables us to inspect the rafter feet. If we find any damage caused by water ingress we will cut out the soft or rotten timber and replace it with new tanalised timber to give a firm anchorage for your new fascia boards. 


This is the vertical board that covers your rafter feet and supports your gutters. It has to be strong enough to support gutters full of water and snow. At Cruachan we always use solid boards with either a classic or ogee finish and you can have them in white, golden oak, rosewood, mahogany or ebony.


The soffit board connects the fascia to the walls of our house; it is usually horizontal but can also be at an angle depending on the style of property. At Cruachan we will endeavour to replicate the look of your property wherever possible so we supply soffit in either flat or tongue and groove styles. Soffit comes in white, golden oak, rosewood, mahogany or ebony enabling you to either match the colour of your fascia or have a contrast.

Gutters and Downpipes

These can be supplied in half-round, deepflow or ogee styles and in white, black, grey or brown.
Downpipes come in round or square cross section enabling you to keep the look of your property should you wish to do so. We can also supply a cast iron effect black gutter for period properties.
At Cruachan we also offer the choice of a continuous aluminium rainwater system, in black, grey or white for a modern look.


Cladding in PVCu tongue and groove is used to replace existing timber cladding on walls or around dormer windows. It comes in white, golden oak, rosewood, mahogany and ebony. You can have it in 100mm or 150mm boards and it never needs painting.


All white products come with a 20 year guarantee and coloured products come with a 10 year guarantee.